Attachment Systems

Hidden or face fastened connectors have distinct benefits that may be more appropriate for certain types of projects. Discover the features that make both types of fastening systems unique and contact an Envel representative for additional information.

Hidden Fastener System

Hidden fastening systems allow panel installation with no visible fasteners. This type of fastening offers enhanced seismic performance as well as greater ease of installation for larger and/or heavier panel formats. Hidden fastening is best used with larger panel sizes and/or those with deep patterns in order to maximize the visual effect.

Envel hidden fastening is compatible with most insulation framing systems on the market.

Face Fastened System

Face fastened systems offer an economical alternative to hidden fastening systems. These systems are best used with shallow-relief surface textures and also are more adaptable to modification to accommodate field conditions and all insulation framing systems.

Face fastening can be inset or flush with the face of the panel, and color-matched fasteners are generally not visible at distances of 20′ or greater.

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