Colors and Finish Treatments


Façade Freedom

Envel products are available in a wide variety of UV-stable iron oxide through body colors. Although we offer 12 preformulated colors shown here, Façade Freedom means that we offer the ability to match the custom color you envision for your project. By submitting an RAL color code, Envel will endeavor to match it to help create your vision.

Computer display of colors will vary from monitor to monitor and is meant to be a close approximation only. 


Enhancing the overall look

Because of the inherent density and near-zero porosity of Envel’s UHPC mix, our panels do not require a sealer to prevent water absorption. However, sealers are employed to assist in resistance to soiling due to natural environmental contaminants and pollution as well as enhancing the ability of the product to be easily cleaned. 

Envel Nano

After media blasting, all panels receive Envel Nano sealer at minimum, which is a hydrophobic penetrating sealer that forms a chemical bond with the product. Envel nano is non-film-forming, breathable and will not affect the finished color nor leave a sheen. This sealer allows the product’s natural color and overall tonal variation to be expressed.

Envel SG

For designers who wish to exercise more control over the final finished appearance, there is Envel-SG. Like Envel Nano, Envel-SG is a non-film-forming, breathable sealer-stain whose color and opacity can be precisely adjusted to your specifications. This sealer is especially useful when the designer wants to more precisely control the UHPC product’s natural variations.

Envel-SG is available in varying levels of gloss (from matte to medium) and is also used to achieve rich, saturated, and even exotic colors and finishes that are not always possible in concrete with through body mineral pigments alone. A through-body color cast product combined with Envel-SG opens an entire world of finish options for your designs.

Gloss, Metallic, & Opalescent

If your project requires a more exotic finish, Envel can also offer sealers that can give a range of styles to your panels, from medium to high gloss, metallic colors and opalescents.

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