Facade Panel Care and Maintenance

The durability of Envel panels and components cast with UHPC is extremely high when compared to traditional precast concrete. Lack of porosity will ensure the panels stand up to even the harshest conditions, including annual freeze-thaw cycles.

All Envel panels are treated with one of two types of sealer to enhance Envel’s already excellent weathering capabilities, which also aids in keeping panels cleaner. Depending on the surface texture and treatment (as well as the type of sealer), Envel panels will develop a natural patina over time similar to stone. Periodic cleaning can be performed on the panels without damaging the surface if done correctly.

Cleaning Tips

  • Use mild detergents only with soft bristle brushes and always rinse thoroughly.
  • The use of a power washer is acceptable if the distance of the washer wand is kept at least 4’ away during spraying. Do not put the tip of the washer closer to the surface of the product being cleaned or damage can occur.
  • Graffiti can be removed from the surface of panels provided with any one of the two offered sealers using products like Cathedral Stone Products S307 or other graffiti removing solutions. Always test a small inconspicuous area to ensure no damage occurs to the panel. Follow all manufacturer’s guidelines for use and safety while using the products.
    • It may be necessary to treat the entire panel should the affected and cleaned area result in a visual difference from the other areas of the panel.
    • Reapplication of sealer may also be necessary depending on the harshness of the cleaning regimen employed to remove the graffiti. Contact your Envel representative for assistance with the re-application of sealer.
  • Sealer re-application may be necessary during the life of the product. Contact an Envel representative for information on sealer re-application.
    • Envel Nano sealed products come with a 10-year pro-rated sealer warranty.
    • Envel SG, Matte and Gloss sealers come with a 5-year pro-rated warranty.
  • Products provided with a smooth (non-media blasted) finish may appear to fade over time as the cement paste layer on the surface of the panel abrades during the life of the panel due to atmospheric weathering. This “fade” is caused by the aggregate within the UHPC matrix being exposed. Sand is not and cannot be pigmented and its potential exposure in time will affect the overall color slightly. This effect may be more prominent on the product at or close to grade where wind-borne debris acts to abrade the surface to a greater extent over the life of the product. Products with topical sealers which act as a sacrificial layer may weather better. Re-application of these types of sealers should be considered at necessary intervals.

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