Lewis Farms

Lewis Farms-based artist Victoria Wiercinski created a unique facade design called “Midnight Dispatch”, inspired by the beautiful Northern Lights and Alberta’s starry night skies.

Project Details

Project Name:

Lewis Farms


Architectural Firm:

Johnston Davidson Architecture



Edmonton, AB



3,500 square feet


Type of Panel(s):

Format, Hidden Fastening


Surface Textures/Patterns:

Custom Pattern (Aurora)



Granite Peak



Envel SG

Project Background

Edmonton is a large metropolitan city that is frequently exposed to harsh, freezing temperatures during the winter and hot temperatures during the summer. Envel Facade is a superior durable cladding solution that is able to resist freeze thaw better than most façade materials. The custom Aurora surface texture was created through a collaboration with a local artist to meet the project’s municipal requirement for art inclusion on public works projects.

2508 S Main St, South Bend, IN 46614


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