Envel UHPC Facades

Facade Design Freedom

Break free from the confines of traditional façade materials with Envel™ ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC). Envel can help you design beyond the limitations of conventional façade materials with unlimited shapes, colors, textures and patterns.

The Envel Process

Envel works with architects and designers to realize their visions with an innovative and comprehensive systems approach to rainscreen cladding and component designs. We strive for a beautifully crafted offering, using the most flexible and innovative UHPC façade manufacturing process in the marketplace.

Designing with Envel

Cladding Types

Explore our Format and Aspect Series ultra-high performance concrete panels, created to cover a full range of panel layouts and façade design, and discover the best panel type for your project.

Colors & Finishes

Envel offers a variety of preformulated and custom color options achieved by way of through body panel pigmentation. Saturated or exotic colors can also be achieved using Envel SG sealer/stain treatment.

Textures & Patterns

Envel allows designers to add depth, complexity and a defining appeal to your project with a range of patterns and textures, providing a finish that is both diverse and distinct.

One Manhattan Square

The One Manhattan Square project features white, solid and perforated soffit panels installed in ground-level overhang areas around the building’s perimeter.

Citizens Bank Campus

Citizens Bank’s campus features a New England-style clapboard siding design intent by utilizing a variegated faded brown coloring throughout the façade.

History / About

Envel Façade Inc. is the newest member under the SHApe Architectural brand for Shaffner Heaney and Associates Inc. Envel is backed by more than 40 years of cladding manufacturing, engineering and installation expertise that complements the Envel UHPC façade offering, which nleash remarkable possibilities in facade design



As the owner of a 35-year-old exterior cladding subcontractor business, I am always on the lookout for new, innovative products to use on projects throughout our market. Having fully completed our contract work, which included nearly 10,000 SF of ENVEL, I am delighted that we made the decision to utilize Envel on the KPMG project.

Bhrett Kistler ; Kistler McDougall Corp.


Missouri Builders Service, Inc. had the pleasure of working with Envel on the Fulton State Hospital project in Fulton, MO. We will be continuing our relationship with Envel / Shaffner Heaney and intend to work with them on future projects.

John Kinkade ; Missouri Builders Service, Inc.

2508 S Main St, South Bend, IN 46614


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